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Top Reasons Why Your Office Will Love Us

  • Award-Winning, Fully-Customizable Designs
    In order to effectively reach constituents, your office needs an attractive website that is accessible to individuals with disabilities and sports modern features like smartphone compatibility. Fireside21’s experience in custom website design allows us to incorporate these elements in our sites, and have won our clients more Congressional Management Foundation Gold Mouse Awards for website excellence than any other vendor to the House.

  • Update with just a Click (or No Clicks) of a Button
    Writing press releases, sending 499s, and managing your boss’ Facebook profile takes time and effort that you can’t afford to waste wrestling with your office’s website. With Fireside’s web platform and content manager, you can post content with just a few clicks--no web design experience needed. Integration with social media lets you shave even more off your workload by automatically publishing content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.

  • Less Waiting = More Doing
    Whether you are looking to create a website for an incoming Member of Congress or to revitalize a site for a long-term incumbent, saving time during the design process will allow you to get back to focusing on bigger issues sooner. With over 100 pages of pre-written content on constituent services, flag requests, White House tours, and other standard Congressional web content, Fireside21 designers will get your website up and running as soon as possible.

  • Security You Can Trust
    Your website is often the primary point of contact between constituents and their Representatives, and security breaches or server downtime will only hurt your office’s credibility. Fireside21’s web platform is hosted in secure servers behind the U.S. House of Representatives Firewall, and was developed in-house to avoid malicious attacks directed at the two more commonly used platforms, Wordpress and Drupal.


How long would it take Fireside21 to help us design a new website?+

The entire process should take no more than six weeks from beginning to site deployment, though this period may be longer or shorter depending on the time of year your office requests a design as well as the number of other offices we are working with at that time. There will be no disruptions to your current website as we work on your office’s new design.

Does Fireside21 have existing templates that our office can use to expedite the design process?+

We do have templates derived from websites we’ve created in the past. However, we strongly encourage that offices work with us to create a custom design in order to create a site that incorporates the most up-to-date web design features as well as a site that reflects the personality of the Member in appearance, layout, and function.

How do we import our web form submissions into our Fireside CRM?+

As with our eNewsletter service, form submissions on Fireside websites automatically import into your Fireside CRM platform, as all of our products share the same constituent database. If your office uses another web vendor, you can manually import web form submissions at no charge.
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