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Top Reasons Why Your Office Will Love Us

  • Fully Integrated with Fireside CRM and Web
    Using a single constituent database to manage CRM, telephone town hall, and web contacts saves your office time otherwise spent importing and merging contact lists. With Fireside’s telephone town hall service, you can automatically import contact information of and questions asked by participating constituents into your CRM database.

  • Fast, Clear Calls
    What good is a telephone town hall if half of the allotted time is spent setting up the call and asking constituents to repeat themselves over a bad connection? Fireside’s VOIP telephone town hall service leads all Hill vendors in dialing speed, which allows you to have more time at the beginning of the call to talk to constituents.

  • Flexible Scheduling
    Sometimes your office’s plans change. Especially in the always-moving Congressional environment, you may need to change the date of a telephone town hall in order to accommodate your boss’ other commitments. With Fireside21, you will never incur a cancellation fee for last minute changes, giving your office the flexibility it needs to stay on top of its schedule.

  • Personal Attention and Support
    Many offices find setting up and running the first telephone town hall to be a little daunting, especially when there are so many constituents on the other line. To help your office feel more comfortable with the technology and the event format, we will work with you on-site during your first call (and calls thereafter, if necessary) to ensure that the call runs smoothly. We also will analyze post-event results with your office to review best practices and ideas for the future.



Is training included in Fireside’s telephone town hall service?+

Yep! We train staffers and interns in client offices at no additional charge.

Can I get a list of all the questions and participants from the telephone town hall event?+

Fireside’s telephone town hall platform allows your office to collect email addresses for eNewsletter opt-ins. Our platform also enables you to import event results and questions asked by participants into your office’s Fireside CRM.

Are there any discounts for the telephone town hall service if I already use other Fireside products? +

Clients who use other Fireside products will enjoy discounts on our telephone town hall service. Contact us at 202-621-5121 or here for more pricing information.
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