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Top Reasons Your Office Will Love Us

  • Target Mailings Faster and Smarter
    Your constituents love it when your office tailors eNewsletters to fit their individual interests; you love it when sending a mailing doesn’t take all morning. Integration with Fireside CRM lets you identify audiences by geography, demographics, legislative interests, and survey responses without an extra list import step, meaning you can send mailings in fewer clicks than ever before.

  • Keep Mail out of the Spam Folder
    Email newsletters that end up in spam or are sent to outdated email records do nothing for your office or its outreach strategy. Fireside eNewsletters are sent from House.Gov email addresses and automatically remove bad email addresses after each mailing, keeping your mailing list up to date and secure, and ensuring that each mailing actually reaches constituents.

  • Made to Order Designs
    Many of your constituents will only read eNewsletters that look clean, modern, and official. We will work with your office to design a layout that you can tailor to look like your office’s website. Along with social media and multimedia integration, your office can design mailings that your constituents will want to not only read, but also share with their own personal connections.

  • Track Everything
    If you know how many constituents or press contacts are opening your office’s eNewsletters and clicking on attached links, you can tweak the design and content of the mailings to maximize their reach. Fireside21’s eNewsletter platform provides you with these statistics as well as with a readily accessible support team so that you can keep your eNewsletters effective and relevant.



I’m also interested in Fireside CRM. Will I be able to obtain eNewsletter service at a discount?+

All of our Fireside CRM clients receive eNewsletter services as part of their package at no additional charge! In addition to cost savings, hosting both services on Fireside21 allows your office to take advantage of the integrated constituent databases, which allows your to build more specific mailing target lists in less time.

We’ve heard that some eNewsletter vendors have been hacked in the past. Will my data be secure with Fireside21?+

We have always been fully compliant with House information security regulations and physically house our servers on the Hill behind the House’s firewall, which provides maximum data security. Our software is built on our own platform rather than open source platforms, which often targeted by malicious attacks, and we have never experienced a single significant security breach.

How do we import our Fireside eNewsletter subscriber list into our Fireside CRM?+

If your office uses Fireside21 for both eNewsletter and CRM, then you don’t have to worry about importing or synchronizing subscriber lists - both services share the same constituent database, meaning that any new subscribers to your office’s eNewsletter will automatically appear in your CRM database as well.
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