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Top Reasons Your Office Will Love Us

  • Getting the Job Done In Fewer Clicks
    Your team processes hundreds of emails, casework requests, and social media interactions every day. With Fireside CRM’s automated mail sorting, templates for processing common casework, and instant contact search, your office spends less time wrestling with technology and more time focusing on high-impact legislative and outreach goals.

  • Easy to Pick Up and Play
    New staffers and interns arrive to the Hill on what seems like a daily basis, and each additional hour your office spends training recent hires means less time to devote to your other pressing tasks. Fireside CRM’s layout was designed so that even the most inexperienced staffer or intern can find the feature they need to do their job, with minimal setup or training time.

  • Integration with eNewsletters, Websites, and TeleTownhalls
    Managing separate communications services means hours your office spends synchronizing contact information or coordinating with multiple customer support teams. Fireside CRM integrates all four platforms, meaning that constituents who dial into a telephone town hall or fill in an eNewsletter or website form will be ready to go in your CRM immediately - no import needed.

  • Personal Attention and Quick Response Time
    Our account coordinators consist of former Hill staffers and will respond to your office’s requests over the phone, via email, or through online chat in a manner of seconds. As a Fireside client, you will also have access to free on-site training for staffers and interns, as well as an online knowledge base that will keep you updated on new features and best practices.


  • Declutter your inbox and reduce the number of unique emails you must send by automatically sorting out bulk mailings from campaigns and advocacy groups per customizable guidelines.
  • Find constituents faster with instant contact search, which returns results instantaneously while you type in name, address, email, or phone number.
  • Build better target lists by tagging contacts with legislation, issues, organizations, and affiliations--all of which can be used to filter through correspondence later.
  • Simplify the way your office processes casework using templates that automate responses to common inquiries like service academy appointments, flag requests, and tour requests.
  • Automatically synchronize contact information and data collected from web forms and telephone town hall events with Fireside CRM.


How much training is provided to DC and district staff to learn how to use the CRM software? How much does training cost? +

There is no charge from trainings during the life of a CRM contract with Fireside21. We are happy to train any staffer or intern at any time. We typically break down training into three short segments, each tailored for individual roles in an office (caseworkers, legislative correspondents, etc), and conduct sessions either on site or remotely, depending on which option is more convenient for your office.

How do we transition to our new Fireside CRM platform from another vendor?+

We will import data housed on another CRM platform to your new Fireside CRM free of charge. Whether your boss has been in Congress for seven terms or just one, we will be able to transfer all previous correspondence, and we have yet to lose a single piece of data in carrying out this process for our clients. The entire migration process should take no more than six weeks, with no blackout or other interruption in service during that process.

Are there discounts for bundling other services like eNewsletters or Web to a CRM contract?+

Our CRM clients also enjoy eNewsletter services at no charge, as well as discounts on web design services.

Can you provide a list of contacts in your client offices? We want another opinion.+

Sure thing. Just give us a call at 202-621-5121 or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to provide that to you.
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