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Partnership Announcement

Josh | June 12, 2018

Fireside21’s CRM now delivers a new constituent engagement superpower for Members and staffers: Article One, which transforms every call into actionable data, seamlessly delivers each message into your Fireside21 CRM inbox, and saves staffers from the countless wasted hours and the error-prone manual process of listening to and logging each voicemail. Fireside21 is the first CRM provider on Capitol Hill to offer this next generation constituent communications technology. Article One is a product of The OpenGov Foundation, has been successfully tested in a variety of Congressional offices over the past year and is fully authorized by the U.S. House of Representatives. 

To celebrate the launch of this new option on Monday, June 18th, we’re offering a free three-week trial of Article One to all our customers. Taking Article One for a spin is as easy as forwarding your phone!

1. Forward your calls to your dedicated Article One phone number on evenings, weekends, or whenever you’re overwhelmed with calls. Sign into your Fireside21 CRM account and follow the directions under the Phones tab in the Inbox. Basic setup takes less than one minute!

2. (Optional) Record a custom greeting to personalize the experience for your constituents. We provide a sample script to help you get started.

What staffers are saying

Fireside21 and the OpenGov Foundation have piloted Article One with half a dozen offices during the past several months, each time making improvements that measurably increase the capacity of an office. One of our pilot offices reduced the time required to manage their voicemail by 85%!

But don’t take our word for it. One staffer told us:

“Article One really saved us when we got over 700 calls in a night about net neutrality. Without it, I would have had to sneak away from the Thanksgiving table to empty the voicemail.”

How it happened

Early 2017 was an incredible high-water mark in constituent communications to Capitol Hill. Our CRM system recorded record numbers of emails and letters, and the phones never stopped ringing. To address the flood of communications and keep congressional phone systems from rejecting callers due to full mailboxes, the OpenGov Foundation asked Fireside21 to help submit a grant proposal to Twilio, a leading cloud communications platform.

We saw this as a great partnership opportunity and a way to make sure the lines of communication would stay open between constituents and members of Congress during critical times. The goal was to make it easier to log and respond to voicemails in our CRM — and eliminate the frustrating “mailbox full” message forever. We worked together on the grant, and Twilio approved and funded it.

That was the start of Article One, as the OpenGov Foundation named its new cloud-based technology. Together, we integrated it seamlessly into the Fireside CRM and then started piloting it with our customers. Bolstered by enthusiastic feedback from those early testers, we began building a long-term partnership to bring this new functionality to all our clients. Now, after a year of dedicated efforts, we are thrilled to offer Article One to our clients in partnership with the OpenGov Foundation.

To learn more, give us a call or send an email to